Savings and debt management

Provides you with control of your income and expenses

Saving for a specific goal such as buying a car, having a holiday or accumulating a house deposit is much easier when you understand your income and expenses, and if your debts are under control.

The first stage to a successful financial plan is often controlling your debts. Often we learn about the financial world when we apply for our first overdraft or car loan. Maybe you have studied and have HECS-HELP debt? Before you can start thinking about saving or investing you will often want to consolidate these debts.

We can assist with:

  • Budget management - tracking your income and expenditure
  • Debt repayment strategies
  • Savings plans for short term goals - eg. house deposit, holidays, cars or other one-off expenses
  • Saving for education expenses - Options for paying off your HECS-HELP debts.
  • Salary packaging - some employers offer to provide their employees fringe benefits in place of part of their salary in an arrangement called salary packaging. Such arrangements, if available, can be an effective way of reducing the employee's income tax by reducing salary.